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Leadership Team Development

How to transform a group of department Managers into a true Leadership Team. Learn how reteaming can help to align a team towards a common goal.

My consulting service for you

You feel that your team can go for more? If you want to learn how to exercise effective leadership in your organization I will support you and your leadership team with team coaching. I will help you to analyze business processes to align efforts for customer satisfaction. If you want to liberate your quality management from formal documentation and error-counting, learn about my concept of quality leadership. Making Teams Work.

Webinar: Making Leadership Teams Work

Turning Alpha-Dogs to Teamplayers

Leadership positions are usually appointed to “strong personalities” – alpha dogs, to put it more clearly. Playing in teams is not considered being a criteria for leadership. But if the management doesn’t work as a Leadership Team, the rest of the company won’t collaborate either. Learn how to develop team alignment in Leadership Teams.

About Rainer Feldbrügge

Dr. Rainer Feldbrügge

I studied History and Economics, graduated with a Master of Arts at The Johns-Hopkins-University in Baltimore and earned a doctorate in History at the University of Bielefeld. Later I have worked in management positions in various SMEs in Germany. For more than eight years I have specialized on organizational consulting and process management. I teach organizational development at the Deggendorf Institute of Technology and have published many articles on the subject.

Beyond experience and scholarship attitude matters. I will respect and appreciate my clients’ expertise in their business and the achievements earned by their employees. Any changes to organizations must be founded in the established culture of the company.


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