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About me

What’s driving me


  • Help every business leader to organize his team in a way that he can rely on the quality delivered to the customer.
  • Help businesses to establish effective processes, identify the requirements for HR competencies and IT-systems to run the processes
  • Align the leadership team in a way that the members of the organization collaborate across the departmental borders within the company


Recent projects:

  • Processes identified and documented for ERP-Migration of trade company
  • Processes identified and optimized for maintenance of offshore platforms in a power-transmission company
  • Processes identified re-engineered for pharmaceutical producer (legal transformation from pharmacy to pharmaceutical producer under GMP requirements)
  • Process Management training for leading German insurance company and international insurance broker
  • Leadership team development for educational company (regional supplier for professional trainings, 1000 employees)


  • Understanding the people’s motivation and expectations in working together
  • Understanding the underlying structures, roles and rules in teams and companies
  • Finding ways to turn unwritten rules into discussable issues
  • Learning more to make use of methods like systemic constellation
  • Finish my next book on Process Management Consulting


  • Alumni of Simon, Weber & Friends school of systemic organizational consultancy
  • Consulting Partner of Signavio (software for modeling business processes)
  • BNI Chapter Peter Henlein, Nuremberg – Germany
  • BNI Global Consulting Power Team


  • Business Process Modeling, Decision Modeling (BPMN and DMN): very profound knowledge, 8 years of experience in Business Process Modelling
  • Certified Reengineering Expert (Michael Hammer)
  • OMG-certified Expert on Business Process Managenemt (OCEB, business track intermediate)
  • Design Thinking Coach
  • Facilitation of Teams
  • Systemic organizational consultant (Simon, Weber & Friends)
  • Systemic constellation and solution focused consulting
  • Certified expert on professional HR diagnostics (DIN 33430)




With my consulting service I want to support effective communication within the clients’ organizations. There is no use in following every business hype, moreover it is important to find the balance of hierarchy, consense and participation in the company.

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How do I work

Defining the requirements is the necessary first step in any consulting project. Only when I understand your goals and bottlenecks I am able to find the right methods and interventions for your support.

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To help you with your organization I make use of my consulting instruments. Process Modeling with BPMN 2.0, Design Thinking, Systemic Facilitation and Systemic Constellation.

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„Systemisches Prozessmanagement: Unternehmen digitalisieren. Teams mobilisieren.“
Schäffer-Poeschel, Oktober 2021

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