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Team Development, Reteaming

Making Teams Work.

On a Glance

If teams are not working as expected, you should not look at the team leader first. Together we will look on the dynamics and the inner structure of the team to make it work effectively and sustanibly.

In Detail

A team has a common goal to achieve or at least a common task to be accomplished. A group of persons with a personal goal each will not work as a team unless they identify a common objective. In order to work together effectively over a period of time the team needs some additional resources: Each person must feel that the team meets his or her personal needs. The team must have a set of common experiences to draw upon. And all of the people invest some effort in maintaining the team.

Besides this each team also establishes an individual internal order – be it in a hierarchical manner or in collaborative leadership. If leadership fails, the team will no longer work effectively and the quality of the output will drop significantly.

Reteaming will help to (re)establish the common consciousness of the goal, the team roles and rules and the vital resources that each of the members shares with the team. We will develop appropriate ways of leadership so that the team will work effectively and sustainably.


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